Yunmengshan National Forest Park

Yunmengshan National Forest ParkAs capital city for long times, Beijing inherits various world famous places to visit in China, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, etc. But most time, these places are crowded, and would you like see the beautiful spot in suburbs of Beijing? It is also famous among the places to visit in China, and less of crowds, it is the Yunmengshan National Forest Park.

Yunmengshan National Forest Park, sits at west of Miyun District, is the famous scenic spot in suburbs of Beijing. It is so far from Beijing downtown, and is one of the places to visit in China. Covering an area of 2,208 hectares, Yunmengshan National Forest Park is one of the national forest parks in Beijing. The highest peak of Yunmengshan Mountain is 1,414 meters, is the second highest peak in Yanshan Mountain range.

Yunmengshan National Forest Park is rich in landscapes resources with dense forest, abundant animals and plants and 711 kinds of green plants, is one of the ideal places to visit in China. According to the determination, the temperature of Yunmengshan Mountain is much lower than other places. The air humidity and atmospheric conditions are better. With different kinds of old trees and plants, Yunmengshan Mountain is covered by green plants in 91%, so it is one of the places to visit in China with sufficient pure oxygen.

The main peak is famous for its mountain, stone, pond, waterfall, cloud and forest concentrating on grand, dangerous, strange and beautiful. Yunmengshan National Forest Park, named as "Small Yellow Mountain in North", has very beautiful scenery. The Yunmeng forest sea is much better than Yellow Mountain. Many people living in Beijing always find the interesting places to visit in China, in fact, Beijing owns various fairylands in suburbs. In summer, people always come here to enjoy the cool temperature and the local cuisines; in spring, they come here to breath the fresh air and enjoy the oxygen freely; in autumn, the red leaves cover the whole mountain, turns it to be the fire mountain; and in winter, it is the icy world with various beautiful ice views. No matter which season, the Yunmengshan National Forest Park is one of the wonderful places to visit in China.

Are you still finding the majestic places to visit in China? Beijing is the ideal place with various interesting, historical and cultural places to visit in China. During so many places to visit in China, I suggest you firstly visit Beijing, it is the essence of China.