Travel to Chengdu

Beautiful scenery in JiuzhaigouWith long and glorious history, with rich tourism resources, a lot of foreign tourists prefer to spend their holidays in China. In recent years, China City Tour has become more and more popular. There are so many attractive places to visit in China, no matter you are interested in beautiful natural landscapes, historical sites or colorful cultures, China will meet all your needs.

Among many places to visit in China, Chendu is very popular among foreign tourists. Chendu is a beautiful city located in the southwest of China, and Chengdu Tour is one of the most popular tour routes in China. Known as "Land of Abundance" since ancient times Chengdu is located in the middle of Sichuan Province. It is the important central city, science and technology center, business center, financial center and hub of transportation and communication in the southwest of China. Chengdu has a long history nearly 2300 years. And in August 2011, it won the second place of "the most happiness city" just behind Hangzhou. Sichuan embroidery is one of the four big name embroidery in China. When traveling to Chengdu, buy some as the gifts to your family and friends will be really good.

If you are interested in natural landscapes, Jiuzhaigou will be the best one of the good places to visit in China. Jiuzhaigou means “Nine Village Gully” and refers to the nine Baima Tibetan villages that can be found in the valley. According to legend, Jiuzhaigou was created when a jealous devil caused the goddess Wunosemo to drop here magic mirror, a present from her lover, the warlord God Dage. The scenery of Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve includes forests and meadows roamed by takins, golden monkeys and pandas. All surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the reserve was deemed so impressive it got the attention of the UN, which proclaimed it a World Biosphere Neserve and placed it on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1992, along with nearby Huanglong National Park. Trees are growing unexpectedly out of the middle of rivers, lakes and waterfalls, which are trademarks of the park. This eccentric flourish to the scenery is caused by fertile pockets of calcium in the waterways, which create impromptu flowerpots.

After visiting one the most beautiful places to visit in China-Jiuzhaigou, you will feel relaxed and comfortable and the breath of nature. Besides jiuzhaigou, there are also many other wonderful places to visit in China. These wonderful places to visit in China will make your China vacation more interesting.