Suzhou Guanqian Street


Guanqian Street

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With abundant resources, China owns various spots. For example, Guanqian Street is a famous business street in Suzhou as well as Nanjing Road in Shanghai, is an old business street with 100 years history. The name of Guanqian Street comes from its location, and it is located at the front of Xuanmiao Temple which attracts many tourists from home and abroad with its deep Taoism culture. Guanqian Street was rebuilt and expanded in 1930. After liberation, government rebuilt it formally with wide road and trees. In 1982, Guanqian Street was instead of Pedestrian Street, so tourists and consumers can enjoy the scenery of this street in cars. Guanqian Street has changed more and more complete in following years. Now, it attracts tourists finding places to visit in China with its ancient and modern atmosphere. Special in night, Guanqian Street has become the busy night market. With bright lights, Guanqian Street is a real night view picture. Walking around Guanqian Street, you will be addicted into various goods such as bonsai, art, clothes, etc.